About Us

Who we are 

Mamlaka Foods Limited is a dynamic business entity leveraging on technology and strategic partnerships along the supply chain to build Africa’s most efficient food distribution platform connecting urban consumers with small-scale rural farmers. This is important so as to decrease the inefficiencies in the supply chain thus provide better prices to both the farmer and fresh produce consumers.

Our Objective 

Our position of strength is a strong supply chain network of small holder farmers to supply small holder traders and other urban consumers who are cut across the country. We continually improve the infrastructure of the small holder traders to constantly increase the demand of the produce of small holder farmers and make produce available for end consumers. 

Mamlaka Foods attaches a lot of interest, attention and seriousness to the sourcing bit of the business. This assures the Market of food safety, traceability, availability and timely delivery to consumers while fresh.

Our Mission

Our mode of operation is that we source produce directly from farmers, sort them, package, barcode them for traceability purposes, store in our collection centres if need be, transport to our distribution centre in Nairobi, receive orders from small scale traders and end consumers, deliver to their stalls and homes respectively and collect payments.

This has been possible to achieve through collaborative efforts of various partners through the supply chain. We endeavour to bring on board more partnerships aggregated at various stages of the supply chain in order to scale and replicate our unique solution.